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Unsolicited Opinions on Siren Song Resident Evil Fan Film | Mercy of WHIMS

The Mercy of WHIMS gang (including TurkeyBoots) sits down and watches a great fan film called Siren Song! If you love resident evil, you will love this short!!

Watch the movie here –

Shortly after the events in the Spencer Mansion…

Raccoon City has been overrun with zombies and the Pharmaceutical company Umbrella, is behind it! It’s up to a rookie R.P.D. cop and a veteran member of Raccoon City’s elite S.T.A.R.S team to find a sample of the virus aboard Umbrella’s hidden laboratory, filled with mutated test subjects and hordes of undead craving human flesh. Can they survive the onslaught and uncover the evidence needed to put Umbrella away forever?

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