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“We’re All Gonna Be Like Three Little Fonzies Here.”

“Where is my Supa. suit?”

Samuel L. Jackson has an deal with Amazon to give his “pleasant tones” as a voice alternative for Alexa, the organization’s cloud-based computerized right hand. Plans are to release the pack hopefully this year for the totaly amazing price of just $.99, with other big name voice packs to follow in 2020.

Amazon had the option to incorporate Jackon’s voice because of another Neural Text-to-Speech innovation the organization created. This will allow Alexa to replicate specific speech-patterns of existing voices, mimicking inflections and other minor details.

The best part of this is, when you purchase this voice pack you can ask “Alexa, introduce me to Samuel L. Jackson,โ€ and decide whether they want him to use explicit or censored language.

I am totally prepared to have Samuel L. Jackson tear me a new one when I forget to turn something off or ask “what’s the weather like?” too much!!

What do you think of this, let us know in the comments below!

“Given That It’s A Stupid-Ass Decision, I’ve Elected To Ignore It.”

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