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Move over Harley there’s a new No. 1 at the Box Office! Sonic is here and taking over the No. 1 Spot… FAST!

Regardless of a moderately mixed reaction, the Sonic the Hedgehog movie is looking solid so far. The Hollywood Reporter stated that the Paramount Pictures film netted $21 million on Friday, and it is on track to net over $60 million this Weekend.

On the off chance that the film figures out how to keep up the pace, Sonic could overtake Detective Pikachu for the greatest domestic opening ever for a computer game film. Detective Pikachu took in $54.3 million, and also gathered a mixed reaction.

Sonic will likewise likely take the No.1 spot from Birds of Prey, which opened to a disappointing $33 million a week ago. The Harley Quinn-fronted film is poised to descend to No. 2 over the weekend. Fighting for No. 3 is The Photograph and Fantasy Island, which are both battling out with a four-day net somewhere close to $14 million and $15 million.

But in all honesty, did we expect anything different from DC? Re-shoots, a nonsensical story, underwhelming characters and then renaming during its first week because they thought nobody knew what it was about? Do yourself a favor and stick with the Animated version of Harley Quinn, it’s way better!!

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