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It seams like the MCU is doing absolutely no wrong, especially with Endgame bringing a 10 year story to rest. But, there was a time when they made a misstep and that was in 2013’s Iron Man 3. They changed the origin story of Tony Stark’s nemesis The Mandarin – something the fans did not appreciate!

In Iron Man 3, Ben Kingsley’s character was a villainous leader that was later revealed as an actor name Trevor Slattery that Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) had hired to be the face of this scheme. This HUGE twist was not taken kindly by the fan base and Marvel even tried to pacify everyone with a one off on the Thor: The Dark World Blu-Ray called All Hail The King. It shows Slattery in Seagate prison before revealing that the real Mandarin is still out there in the world!

Kevin Feige has said in a recent Reddit AMA that the studio is planning to bring the character and his villainous Ten Rings Organisation. When he was asked this on Reddit, he answered simply with a “yes!”

Hi reddit, I’m Kevin Feige. AMAA from r/marvelstudios

Now what makes this interesting is that some rumors were making there rounds on the web that he might be the lead villain role in the upcoming Shang-Chi movie. Some people believe that the real Mandarin will be Shang-Chi’s father who in the comics was the version of the character Dr. Fu Manchu. Again, some people think the reason behind this change comes from the fact that Dr. Fu Manchu in recent years became a controversial character which could be seen as a classic case of ‘Orientaliem’ and a caricature of Asian culture.

The last time we saw the Ten Rings was in 2015’s Ant-Man when the group was seen trying to acquire the Yellowjacket suit from Darren Cross.

If these rumor hold up, it might be pointing to a release date of November 5th, 2021.

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