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Batman: Arkham Origins designer WB Montreal posted a video celebrating Batman Day early Sunday morning, which contained a progression of enigmatic pictures that could be prodding another Batman game.

In what seemed, to be simply a 30-second clip of a city building being enlightened by the Bat signal, four unique pictures streak by like clockwork. Here’s each picture as they show up while delayed, graciousness of Twitter client @NYCWallSpider.

From what can tell, each picture seems to possibly represent some kind of resemblance to symbols in Batman lore.

One image looks somewhat like the Talons, from what could be the Court of Owls. While another show an image of a demonic face which could be identified as Ra’s al Ghul, t

Obviously, the majority of this would be mystery, best case scenario if not for another baffling post from WB Montreal last December. On Twitter, WB Montreal partner maker Valerie Vezina posted a photograph of herself wearing a shirt bearing a logo that again resembled an owl.

What do you think? Would this be the next title for Batman fans in the gaming world? Let us know in the comments below.

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