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MMA fighters are just human, even Hall of Famer’s, and in that capacity, they sometimes get into fights with arbitrary individuals. More often than not, these showdowns end severely for the challenger, since going head to head with a MMA contender is typically not a smart thought. For one irregular (apparently) intoxicated person in Hawaii, things went unexpectedly when he leveled UFC Hall of Famer B.J. Penn during a bar fight, sending the contender to the asphalt.

TMZ has two recordings of the occurrence, one of which shows the contender squaring up with the man, who is shirtless, BJ then asks the man to punch him in the face, which the man obliges and thumps Penn unconscious with a well-set left hook.

The timetable of how the whole adventure played out is foggy, and TMZ cites somebody near Penn is saying that the shirtless man was attempting to “lure” Penn into a battle. On the off chance that that is valid, it seems to have worked, in light of the fact that the two fought on a bustling road outside a bar on Hawaii’s Big Island.

An official proclamation from Penn’s camp cases that the contender was trying to “defuse the circumstance,” which appears to be odd considering the video obviously shows Penn requesting that the man hit him. Regardless, one of the punches flipped Penn’s switch and he tumbled to the ground.

A subsequent video demonstrating Penn in the mount position over the shirtless man additionally surfaced, which showed the UFC Hall of Famer throwing punches down at the man’s face from above.

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