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After the events of John Wick 2, Wick (Keanu Reeves) killed a member of the High Table Santino D’Antonio (Riccardo Scamarcio) in the grounds of the Continental hotel. He now has a bounty on his head of $14 Million, he is a man on the run and he has bee excommunicated from not only the Continental but all of the assassin community. Wick only has a hand full of tokens as he runs through the back alleys and streets of New York City look for redemption and thwarting would-be bounty killers left and right.

In the first combat scenes he absolutely demolishes a larger man with a library book, fights baddies on a horse and has one of the best recorded fight scenes in movie history!

There are several new faces to the John Wick franchise, Anjeclica Huston plays The Director, a ballet instructor and high table member who is able to smuggle John Wick away to Casablanca, Morocco where he meets Sofia and her combat puppoos (Halle Berry). Sofia and John have worked together in the past and you can tell this by how in tune their fighting is. Not only is the choreography incredible but watching the puppies (in my opinion they steal the show) tear crotches apart like a sneeze does to a tissue paper!

The film also features Asia Kate Dillon, who plays the Adjudicator of the High Table. Mark Dacascos who plays Zero, picture Deadpool but without the immortality. Familiar faces are also back, Ian MsChane as Winston the manager of The Continental and Lance Reddick as Charon who is the hotel’s concierge. Morpheus (Laurence Fisbourne) is back to help Neo finally defeat agent smith… hold on wait a sec, wrong review.. or maybe its just awesome to see both Fisbourne and Reeves on screen again knowing a Matrix 4 is in the works!

I truly enjoyed this epically choreographed carnage fest with killer dogs and beautiful locations! This is a MUST see summer movie! I rate this 9 out of 10!

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